APR 20, 2022

Around the moon with Lauren Raby

The founder of Saiki Wellness met with us to discuss her personal journey into sound healing and spirituality. Read on to discover these insights.

What inspired your journey at Saiki?

Saiki started officially in 2018. It was initially a space of exploration through the form of interviews and articles. It was a very organic process. I didn’t have a particular objective when I started, I was feeling my way through but learning about the holistic practices of experts was a very healing process at a difficult time and helped with my own self discovery journey.

I later aligned my experience of working in events with Saiki and started to take on clients who were looking to integrate experiences around wellbeing, community and sustainability. I realised that although I love curating experiences - I also love connecting with people and wanted to do something that I knew would help people in a more direct way. So after an enlightening conversation with a friend, I pursued my sound healing training.

It was the discovery of sound baths that sparked my own healing journey, so it felt like a full circle moment to be able to share the practice with other people.


How would you describe your personal wellness routine?

This is often interchangeable but I’d say my favourite wellness practices include meditation which could be in the form of cacao practice or sound healing. I love my morning walks in the park with my partner. I go the gym regularly and have recently started experimenting with Pilates. I am always making some kind of potion in the kitchen whether that’s hot ginger and lemon tonic with adaptogens or juices. I feel into what I need on the day and create from there.


In what ways do you use holistic practices as a form of self-empowerment?

I think that finding the right holistic practice for you is key. Everyone is different so what works for one person, might not work for another. For me, sound healing has created a lot of space for clarity and awareness which has fed into both my self empowerment and self care. It’s everything!

I often use spoken affirmations during my sound baths. As an example, my Inner Fire sound bath is an invitation to remember our inner power, our innate strength and self belief. When we use intention with sound, sound healing really finds its power.

Discovering my natal chart was also illuminating - I think astrology gives you permission to be completely yourself. It shines a light on both the light and dark within you. It’s liberating really.


What is your key piece of advice for someone entering the spiritual pathway?

Find what works for you. Also, have fun with it! There is so much out there to explore and delve into. Take what speaks to you and leave anything that doesn’t feel right (and know that you don’t have to explain yourself if you’re unsure). Find reputable and recommended guides, coaches and teachers that resonate and listen to you.

"Sound healing finds its power when we pair sound with intention. That’s why you’ll find that my sound baths are always intention led."

Can you share with us an insight into the sound baths you host?

Sound can heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Every sound bath can be a different experience because sound will meet you where you are, which inevitably changes throughout life. So, you don’t have to ‘know’ what you need in a particular moment. I think that creates head space. It creates a moment where you can just ‘be’. That for me is healing for the spirit.

When we are in a meditative state, we’re able to connect with our subconscious mind so I’ll often use positive affirmations and words of gratitude to help people make real shifts in their life.


Do you believe in star-signs?

I’m a Taurus sun, Capricorn rising and Virgo moon. My natal chart contains a lot of earth energy! I love astrology and everything it teaches us about ourselves and the energy of the moment. It’s particularly fascinating when you see the current energies reflected in wider society.


Favourite genre of music right now?

Right now... soultronic!


What achievement from 2021 inspired you into the new year?

I qualified as a Sound Healing Practitioner in 2021 and it has completely changed my life for the better. I love doing what I love and believe in. I think meaningful work will always be important to me even if that changes form through the years. I think it’s a beautiful way to live.


When will you be hosting your next sound bath?

I regularly share sound baths at Birch, 180 Health Club and The Mandrake Hotel and I have some upcoming sessions on 25th April.

To discover more about Lauren's sound healing events, visit saikiwellness.com.

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