Svadhisthana ring


Samsara Luna Ring by Noor Fares


Noor Fares Octagonal Rock Crystal Ring with Coloured Sapphire Cabochon Pavé


Merkaba Ring


Noor Fares Lavender Quartz Ring with Pink Mother of Pearl and Coloured Sapphire Pavé  Edit alt text


Noor Fares Crystal and Mother of Pearl Ring with Diamond Pavé


Noor Fares Green Amethyst Ring with Coloured Sapphire Pavé


Nellum Ring by Noor Fares Jewellery


Noor Fares Bespoke Mulhadara Garnet Roosewood Diamond Sapphire Ring

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Noor Fares Nirvana Ethopian opal ring with diamonds


Noor Fares Madhya abalone ring with sapphires and diamonds








Cloud Rhombus Ring

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Cloud Rhombus Ring

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Noor Fares  Opal Eclipse Ring


Noor Fares Jewellery


Ajna Ring


Hava Ring


Terra Seal Ring


Verda Pinky Ring



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Hava Ring


Devi Ring


Terra Step Ring


Hex Step Ring


Hex Seal Ring


Vedra Pinkie Ring


Nellum Ring


Opal Rhombus Ring