Our Eco Footprint

As a fine jeweller, we strive to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly across our jewellery, design processes, and packaging. From the stones that we use in our designs, to our choice of gold miners and craftsmanship, it is important for us to create jewellery which has a positive environmental impact.

Our Gemstones

We try and trace the origins of our gemstones as best as we can. As some of our stones are vintage, it isn't always possible to trace their origins due to a lack of historical records. There are particular places we favour in the world where mining is done in an ethical manner, where we can trace our gemstones. We embrace stones with natural inclusions instead of seeking the most heavily sourced gemstones, which is a more sustainable option for a fine jeweller. Our stones are carved by hand and our carvers are proud of what they do, each day providing and improving their artisanal skills. We believe that the jewellery should have a purity from the start to the finish when making each piece, and do this as much as we can with the industry we are in.

Our Gold

The majority of our gold is sourced from a prestigious gold refining company in Switzerland called Valcambi who are credible for creating ethical and positive futures in the gold mining industry. They source their gold through both large and small scale mining, educating each miner into ethical practises. We feel it is important to support the Artisanal small scale miners as they make up most of the industry. With strict protocols in place, they actively protect the small scale miners and are constantly acknowledging the ethics and sustainability of the gold mining industry.

Our Design Process

With each piece of jewellery on our website, we have created special collections that offer a timeless design. This is important to our brand as we believe jewellery should be made to last a lifetime. The meanings behind each piece, move far beyond trends and provide you with a classical talismanic jewel for your soul and spirit. Across our collections, we embrace natural inclusion in our crystals, reinventing them with traditional fine jewellery techniques. All of our designs are crafted to be the most sustainable, while offering a unique design for those who wear them.

Our Packaging

All of our jewellery is packaged in organic cotton pouches, with crystal buttons which are up-cycled from our design materials. We create our pouches with a view to be re-used as your personal way of storing and transporting your jewellery, keeping it in tact condition. Our boxes are made in the UK from paper, and are 100% recyclable. It is important to us to operate with a minimal to no waste production process and we optimise this across our designs and manufacturing systems.

Our No Waste & Made To Order Policy

You will notice on our website that most of our jewellery is made to order. As part of our no waste policy, we encourage customers to utilise our made to order service which is a more sustainable purchase option. This means that we can create our jewellery with more intentionality to reduce waste and excess. All of our quality materials which don’t get used are recycled into future designs. We aspire to be sustainable from start to finish and actively assess how we are contributing to the fine jewellery industry.

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