JUNE 28, 2022

Prisma New Moon Wellness Day

We hosted a kaleidoscopic wellness day to unveil our latest collection Prisma, which is inspired by the movement of light.

Set in the immersive 180 Health Club in London from 9am - 7pm, with wellbeing activities including: yoga, sound baths, meditations, a tea ceremony, numerology and live mantra music!

Our Prisma Wellness Practitioners

The wellness day began with an energising yoga class led by Adrienne Everett in one of the expansive private studio spaces in the health club. Adrienne developed her yoga practice through a personal pathway to finding more fulfilment in life. Her yoga session encouraged the guests to connect deeply with yoga poses, to unlock and discover their inner being.

Energising Yoga with Adrienne Everett

In another studio Lauren Raby, the founder of Saiki Wellness, hosted an incredible sound healing experience for our guests. With the intention to re-align their energy with tranquility, she used the planetary gong and quartz crystal singing bowls to create a relaxing sound meditation for the guests.

Sound Healing with Lauren Raby

Inspired by the new moon - the lunar phase for renewal and fresh beginnings, Rhea & Liz from Karma's My Bitch Podcast, led a meditation for our guests to experience. With their personal background's containing experience in spirituality, coaching and overcoming life's challenges, they created a safe space for our guests to release tension and find lightness.

New Moon Meditation with Rhea & Liz from Karma's My Bitch Podcast

In the afternoon, Leo and Sara Cosendai hosted a warm and captivating sound and scent immersion. This multi-sensory experience involved Leo using gongs, bowls and vocal patterns from Mongolia to create a heightened state of consciousness, while Sara took care of the room's energy with resins, herbs and oils to stimulate the sensory apparatus.

Sound & Scent Immersion with Leo and Sara Cosendai

Within the open seated space of the health club, Hamir Kaur also known as Hayley Shoesmith, guided personal 1-1 sessions throughout the day inspired by Numerology. Yogic Numerology which is a system of self-understanding based on the date we were born and has roots in Kundalini Yoga. Time spent with Hamir enabled each guest to feel more connected to themselves with deeper self-awareness.

Yogic Numerology with Hamir Kaur

We wanted our guests to experience moments of serenity and inner calm. Paolo Bisazza's mindful meditation offered guidance through meditative practices that restore mental and physical balance, such as guided relaxations, breathing techniques, concentration practices and moving meditations. The class was designed to relieve stress, tension and reconnect guests to their inner stillness.

Guided Meditation with Paolo Bisazza

Inviting guests to slow down and connect to present awareness, Lera Zujeva led an intimate tea ceremony. For centuries, Tea in the form of Chadao Practice has been used by Daoist Sages and Buddhist Monks for alchemy and transformation. Lera encouraged our guests to take time to press pause in order to recharge, ready for what the future holds.

Tea Ceremony with Lera Zujeva

The wellness day culminated with joyous music filling the open space of the the health club. Antarma and his special guest musicians, played a beautiful live performance combining a collective journey of mantra and heart-opening songs with drumming and ecstatic dancing. All of the guests came together in love and harmony, celebrating the launch of PRISMA.

Mantra Music with Antarma & his Special Guest Musicians

"Through this experience I wanted to showcase the meaning of light and how it can be connected back to us in a soulful way, by engaging with practices that encourage mindfulness, self-reflection and most importantly, self-love"

- Noor Fares

To discover more about the wellness day or for any enquiries about the collection, get in touch with us.

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