May, 2023

International Day of Light with Mayia from Sentara Holistic

Light is a form of energy that can be accessed in both the physical and immaterial world. From wellbeing, to gratitude and emotions of love, light is accessible at any given moment.

In honour of this cosmic celebration, we met with Maiya who shared her wellbeing brand Sentara Holistic with us. Read on to discover how crystals can be utilised to enhance the light in your world.

Hi Mayia! Can you share a personal insight with us about what ‘Sentara Holistic’ means to you?

Sentara is an unique experience I created in order to give back all these amazing things I learnt from my heritage and my path. The purpose of Sentara is to take care of your inside in order for you to be beautiful outside. I want to give people confidence and bring joy and magic into their life. In my country (Basque Country) Sentara means going toward to what is good for you , what is truly necessary.

What are some of your favourite ancestral techniques to strengthen energy in the body and mind?

Singing mantras is part of my everyday wellness routine. Singing the universal sound of « OM » brings you peace and makes you feel part of the oneness.

I love to practice the « Gayatri mantra » as well as it immediately places me into a positive state of mind. It is believed that by chanting Gayatri Mantra, you achieve success and happiness in life.

Do you practice any rituals with crystals?

The use of Lithotherapy on a daily basis is part of my rituals, I practice every morning with a crystal that I have chosen for the day. For the choice of the stone just trust your instinct and intuition. You will always go for the energy you need right now.

"One of my wellness rituals is making crystal grids. I like to create mandalas with my stones and let my creative energy flow. Crystal grids are a wonderful way to connect with your stones and yourself."

What makes you gravitate to a certain crystal?

At the moment, what crystal do you carry with you the most?

As my feelings change, my crystals do too, but I do always keep Citrine with me.
Citrine is the energy of the sun, power, joy and success. I love it’s solar energy and it makes me feel great!

How do you reset and connect with your energy?

Everyday I use my   Gua Sha tools as part of my beauty routine. It is important to me to reconnect with myself and I love to do this by massaging my skin. The energy of the stones combined with face massages work wonders. Gua Sha come from an ancestral technique derived from Chinese medicine which combines acupressure and lithotherapy, it is a tribo-effleurage technique which consists of scraping the skin with the polished stone to produce light friction in order to promote blood circulation and glow.

From Noor's collections, which crystals do you feel most drawn to?

These are the pieces that Mayia is dreaming of...

Luminescence Hoop Earrings


Dawn Crystal Pendant


Dawn Pinky Ring


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