September, 2023

Astrology for Artists with Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Madeleine's journey began at the age of 17 when she went to see an astrologer for the first time, which helped her put in to words what she wasn't able to understand about herself, inspiring her passion for astrology.

Incorporating performance art in to her practice, she finds inspiration from creativity, art and the night sky.

How did your journey as a performance artist and astrologer begin?

When I was 17 I went to see an astrologer for the first time. I’d met her by chance, and decided to do my astrological chart reading with her because I wanted to know more about myself. I sent her my birth details and we agreed to meet the following week. This woman was able to put into words feelings I had that I wasn’t able to understand, things I was afraid of and didn’t know how to deal with, things I wanted for my life but didn’t know if I would be able to make them happen. It was a mind-blowing encounter, scary but truly fascinating at the same time. I remember leaving her house, I sat on the curb of the street and began crying. The whole experience was so overwhelming, revealing and inspiring. Two years later I began studying astrology.

My life in my 20s was focused on finding my artistic voice and astrology became my refuge. I studied cinematography, assisted different artists and developed my own artistic practice. I moved from Buenos Aires to London when I was 28, and proceeded to do an MA in Visual Language of Performance at Wimbledon College of Art. Until then, I had been working with film and photography but I was looking to connect with my body, to make a change in my creative practice. Performance Art changed my life. I was lucky enough to meet and be mentored by Franko B, Eloise Fornieles, Ron Athey, Tim Etchells and perform for and with Marina Abramovic at the Serpentine Galleries, which was why moving to London was one of the most important decisions I made.

What have been some of the challenges that you encountered along your way? And how did you overcome these?

I encountered many challenges along the way (if I could only share my natal chart!). But if I had to choose one it would be my lack of confidence - the feeling that I’m ‘not good enough’. And this can be traced back to my childhood and, to be honest, the wound sometimes makes itself present even now in my 40s. When I look back, I just want to hug that little girl.
How did I overcome this? This is very clear to me: art and astrology. Art allowed me to dare, to express all my most deep experiences and emotions. Astrology showed me that my weaknesses could become my talents.

When did you realise your love for astrology and how did this lead to the creation of your brand, Astrology for Artists?

Creativity is fundamental in the fragile, unstable and unpredictable world we live in. Creativity heals. Creativity is change. For me it’s urgent to encourage, through art and astrology, different ways to search, become more resilient and lead a more creative life.

I’m deeply thankful to the night sky.

During my MA in Performance Art I began thinking of integrating art and astrology. As an artist, knowing my astrological chart was an incredible source of inspiration. It was when I got an Arts Council grant to create a workshop aimed at the eclectic needs of artists whose practices were grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches that Astrology for Artists was created. I ran my first workshop at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and since then Astrology for Artists began growing slowly and steadily. This was nine years ago.

Do you do any specific rituals which empower your spirit and your practice?

Laying on the ground and observing the sky is such a heart opening experience. Identifying the stars, learning their cultural symbolism throughout time, the stories projected on them civilization after civilization was one of the most magical experiences I ever had.

The night sky requires patience and wise observation. I can’t yet explain how deeply inspiring it is when suddenly the image of the Eagle, the Swan, the Lyre or the constellations of Scorpio, Libra, Virgo pop out in front of you. Also knowing the stars that shape that constellation - which is their Alpha star, what does it mean, and what their unique story is. AND it is even more mind blowing when you learn how they relate to your own natal chart. The guidance you can tap into is just beyond.

Can you tell us about your favourite kind of reading you do?

I offer different types of readings (natal chart reading, creative development reading, synastry reading) but I don’t particularly have a type of reading that I like more than others. I’m a naturally curious person and my focus is on creativity. The complexity and beauty of our charts goes beyond our star sign and can be incredibly revealing and profoundly healing. I also offer mentorship and I teach workshops and classes. I’m currently preparing an Astrology for Artist retreat in Deia, Mallorca for October 2023. It’s called COSMIC IMMERSION and it’s a fantastic way to learn about your chart and dive into its meaning and relevance.

"No matter what is happening in the sky - astrology grounds us. It shows us how complex, diverse and beautiful our energies are. It's not what the planets are doing that's my main concern but what we're doing with the possibilities and energies available to us in our charts."

Can you tell us a bit about your performance art?

A sacred memory.

At the very beginning I couldn’t grasp the meaning of performance art; why was it so powerful, why did it ignite such strong emotions for the audience?

Until I performed for the first time. When I put my body out there in front of an audience, when I performed and communicated an honest and raw action, one intrinsically connected with how I felt, I began to understand. This first performance later became ‘Dwell In’, a one to one piece where I worked with real meat and the image of meat; where I let go of my fears by embracing my strength. I had this incredible feeling of being totally transformed by the experience. Suddenly, I was able to think, as if through the body I was able to reach and expand my mind. I remember it was winter; I left the college and walked home alone through Dundonald Park feeling like the happiest girl on earth. I knew I had connected with a strength that would no longer leave me, with a language I was long searching for and a new challenging life journey ahead.

I’m a visual and performance artist, a passionate astrologer, and a mind-body therapist. My practice is based on creativity, embodiment and belonging.

Which authors, books or creatives have influenced your practice? Do you have any favourite quotes that you would like to share?

“How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you?" (Plato)
The things we want are transformative, and we don’t know or only think we know what is on the other side of that transformation. Love, wisdom, grace, inspiration- how do you go about finding these things that are in some ways about extending the boundaries of the self into unknown territory, about becoming someone else?” ― Rebecca Solnit, A Guide Field to Getting Lost.

For those who are unfamiliar with Astrology for Artists, what would you describe as the primary benefits of getting a reading with you? And what would you recommend for people who don’t know much about astrology but are interested in learning more?

No matter what is happening in the sky - astrology grounds us. It shows us how complex, diverse and beautiful our energies are. It's not what the planets are doing that's my main concern but what we're doing with the possibilities and energies available to us in our charts. Connecting with our nature makes us face obstacles differently, fight for what we want and need fiercely, love others and allow them to love us back, set boundaries and respect our choices, embrace our potential instead of sabotaging it and most beautifully of all, become the person we want to be. Astrology for Artists is a way to explore personal creativity from celestial insight.

What are your favourite things to do to feel more balanced and grounded?

For me the answer is in simple things: having time for my routine and self-care rituals, rest the body and rest the mind, move my body to connect with my vitality, switch off from work and play with my son, stare at the horizon, swim in the sea and, super important, have my own space as Virginia Woolf once wrote.

We'd love to know...

What names do you like to go by?

What is your ethnicity?

White South American

Where are you living in the world?

Mallorca, Spain

What is your star-sign?


Favourite genres of music right now?


Favourite time of day? - Sunrise, sunset, or midnight?


Can you tell us about something that you achieved in 2022/2023 and how this has inspired you, moving into the future?

In 2022 I turned 40 and my life began to shift in ways I would have never imagined before. I moved to Mallorca with my partner James and my son Artemis. We wanted to raise our son in nature but little did we know the depth of our own need for the natural world. Since we arrived in Spain our perceptions, visions, dreams but particularly, our connection with Mother Earth and the sky began to shift.

It has been incredibly challenging and beautiful at the same time. Learning to be a mother, moving to a new country, embracing grief for my father’s passing and on top all of this, holding on to my practice. I would have never thought I would be living in Mallorca, never dreamt this life. One of the things that made me take the decision of moving here was the community. Some days ago someone said to me that ‘community’ means ‘support from the source’. And I totally believe that we are the source of our creative life and as a consequence the source of our society. It’s just a matter of reaching out, of expressing ourselves and facing who we are deep within.

All these changes led me to create COSMIC IMMERSION, an Astrology for Artists retreat happening October 1-5 in Deia, Mallorca. This is the first in a series of retreats I want to offer. I believe that in-depth experiences where we gather in community can be an amazing first step for someone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of astrology, and an inspiring reset for those more familiar with astrology who want to go deeper.

Portrait credits: @alkari_kraft

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