DECEMBER 20, 2020

To Beirut with Love

This week, I announced the launch of a wonderful initiative that I and my co-founders from “Creatives For Lebanon”, a non-profit organisation, have been working on following the devastating explosion that has ravaged the city of Beirut in August this year.

Sotheby's Auction

We partnered with Sotheby’s and Art for Beirut, to launch an exclusive charity auction “To Beirut with Love” providing much-needed relief and funds to the people of Beirut in collaboration with IMPACT Lebanon and LIFE (Lebanese International Finance Executives). The proceeds will be shared amongst five charities, ensuring the funds reach the areas that need it the most.

Featuring iconic jewellery brands and leading fashion houses, I am delighted to be taking part in this event by donating one of my newest pieces, the One of a kind “Vishuddha earrings” which represent a symbol of inner power.



The charities chosen include Nusaned, Beit El Baraka, and Baytna Baytak, focusing on shelter for displaced families and rehabilitating residential homes and local businesses, Al Fanar, a venture philanthropy organisation providing support for social entrepreneurs and small businesses, and lastly House of Christmas, a charity helping to preserve and protect heritage buildings.


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