Krystallos is derived from the Greek word for ice, and the ancient belief that crystals were eternal ice. This gave them a power beyond decoration. It is this core belief that Noor explores in this collection, a perfect symbiosis of the sacred and material.

Points of Energy

Geometric shapes house amethyst, smoky quartz, rock crystal and mother of pearl. Each stone is cut to showcase its inner iridescence and the lines in each piece drive towards a central point of energy. Noor’s signature protective eye in blue sapphire is nestled within the creations, safeguarding the wearer.

Healing stones

Each piece in this collection of 26 is a thoughtfully articulated study on sacred shapes and healing stones. A talismanic quality resides within each, to be discovered by the wearer. Crafted in 18k yellow and grey gold, diamond, rock crystal, rose quartz, lapis lazuli and amethyst with the introduction of pearl and mother of pearl to Noor’s work. This collection celebrates the synergy between Tilsam and Geometry 101.

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