Consisting of intricately-constructed pieces that reveal an array of dazzling geometric patterns and coloured stones, the collection is conceived as four connecting chapters - Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, Navratna and Inle - which draw inspiration from ancient symbols and universally shared philosophies.

The Spirit of The Mandala


At the heart of the collection’s spirit is the mandala - a circular composition that represents a microcosm of the universe, and which invokes the brands long-standing fascination with the talismanic quality of jewellery, in particular gemstones.


Akasha is a Sanskrit word that refers to an ethereal space, whether at an earthly or metaphysical levels. Spiritual motifs are imaginatively explored in these chapters, the symbol’s harmonious proportions signal its “sacred geometry.”


In its entirety a narrative that is generated by vibrant, reflective stones and symbollism that encourage contemplation. Akasha steeps itself in the lore of mystical designs while showcasing skill for inventive configurations and experimental techniques.

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