With the end of November comes a new energy, one created by the shifting alignment of Neptune and Saturn that unifies our sense of reality and fantasy. Signifying new possibilities, the lead up to this astronomical shift held two first time visits for Noor Fares with a trip to Mainland China and Dubai. Hosted by Trust Luxe, Noor Fares and Fernando Jorge introduced their collections to Chinese Press and private clients over the duration of two days. Hidden amongst the lively streets of Shanghai, the Trust Luxe showroom felt untouched by changing times with it’s Art Deco elegance and traditional features. The visit was filled with exciting new encounters fueled by Chinese teas and local delicacies.

The adventure continued with a trip to the Middle East, where a warm welcome was received in Dubai with blue skies and an abundance of sunshine. In collaboration with The Dinner Club No.57, an invitation only event was held amongst stunning scenery at the Al Ain Fort in Abu Dhabi where the light of the sun melted into hot sand, leaving only the warm glow of firelight below the starlit desert sky. Guests enjoyed a vegetarian feast at a grand marble table adorned with planet-themed plates, jagged crystals and bespoke crystal elixirs. To mark this special occasion, Malachite and Green Mother of Pearl wing earrings were gifted in celebration of cultures united by a love of fine Jewellery.