Eye Do

Noor Fares launches her latest capsule collection “Eye Do” inspired by the ever evolving nature of love.
Eye Do is inspired by the symbolism of eternity and solitaire rings. The collection begins with a series of twenty playful white gold and white diamond rings, which in turn can be stacked to form an in nite number of combinations. This concept, created uniquely for this collection, allows the wearer to build variations uniquely suited to their personal style. The return of geometric shapes, with hexagons, squares and triangles, take center stage to sculpturally housed white diamonds. Each ring will be carefully engraved with The Eye of Protection, echoing the symbol found within previous collections.
Eye Do also introduces the wedding band in the form of a diamond pave jacket, which can de designed to t any shaped engagement ring. Alongside the collection, Noor Fares has embarked on a bespoke engagement service available exclusively at her London studio.
Eye Do will be available solely through the Noor Fares Studio.