Noor Fares launches her latest collection Akasha derived from the Sanskrit name; meaning Ether.

The harmonious evolution of our universe has long been attributed to mathematical constants that emerge as patterns in nature. This infinite cycle of life and regeneration is illuminated within Noor Fares’ latest collection, Akasha. Drawing inspiration from ancient diagrams, Akasha contemplates the fluidity of our past, present and future.

This July welcomes the first installment of Noor Fares’ Akasha collection, a new chapter that houses inspiration from the symbols Sri Yantra and the Flower of Life. ‘Sri Yantra’, an ancient symbol used in meditation to balance and focus the mind has been reimagined to created tattoo-like pieces in 18k grey gold, white diamonds, white topaz, iolite, green tourmaline, rubelite and various other coloured stones. The collection showcases a wide array of textures in the form of pavilion up set stones and engraved lines to produce levels and dimensions.

We conclude the first chapter with ‘Flower of Life’, a symmetrical, floral-like pattern that is believed to represent the source of all that exists. Delicately demonstrated in 18k yellow gold offset with white diamonds and coloured gemstones to highlight the colours of the charkras. In celebration of the symbol Noor Fares has created The Seed of Life choker, which highlights the recurring pattern with graduating coloured precious gemstones.

Akasha marks a journey for Noor Fares, where new techniques are explored and incorporated into timeless pieces. The collection also boasts a wide array of bespoke hand cut stones, which have been carefully crafted to replicate planets and sacred triangles