The story starts with a young Lebanese girl born and raised in Paris. A little girl mesmerised by the beautiful and unexpected.

A fascination with fairy tales, stories of pirates’ hoards and talismanic jewels.

A mother and grandmother with such style that their expression of beauty and elegance was set as a standard.

From the rich souks of the Orient, where jewellery is interwoven into the everyday fabric of life, the gemstones that carry meaning, the protective eye that sits atop even the most delicate jewel, the heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next - all of these elements were witnessed and absorbed by the ever curious and impressionable young Noor.

Much later came a degree in the History of Art from Tufts University in Massachusetts, a field of study that allowed Noor to discover the symbolism of visual elements. The power of objects to communicate meaning to the viewer; subtle codes and unspoken narratives.

At this time Noor returned to the jewels that had so influenced her youth, and started to create her own jewellery. Courses at the GIA followed, enriching Noor with knowledge of precious stones and their properties. To add to this vigorous schooling in the fundaments of jewellery, Noor undertook a Master’s in Jewellery Design at the renowned Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and design. It was during this time, in 2009, that Noor Fares the brand was established.

About Noor Fares
The Brand

Based in London, Noor Fares creates jewellery which fuses together her Lebanese heritage and contemporary sensibility. Her strong belief in the talismanic quality of jewellery, as a carrier of special meaning and stones imbued with a certain mysticism, informs her work.

Growing up surrounded by strong women, from her mother Hala Fares, an avid collector of objects, art, jewels to witnessing unbound creativity in her aunt’s Parisian atelier, Noor creates for a woman who structures the world according to her own vision.

Beautiful and unexpected materials - from moonstone to rock crystal and rose wood - form the core of her creations. These raw materials are then housed within Noor’s signature love of geometry. Many pieces also bear a protective eye, there to ward off negative influences - an enduring belief from her Lebanese roots.

Since launching in 2009 Noor Fares has been coveted the world over by renowned stockists including Net-a-Porter, Dover Street Market and Bergdorf Goodman. Noor’s effervescent designs have been seen on some of most stylish and respected women internationally, ranging from Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Winslet, Naomi Harris, Olga Kurylenko and Lily James.

Today the brand continues to grow with Noor launching her first ever couture collection Atelier Mystique in July 2015. Previously Fares collaborated with Zaha Hadid on a conceptual pop-up store, bridging her love of jewellery and design. In addition Noor’s belief in supporting emerging talent is evidenced in her sponsorship of the Central Saint Martin’s Master’s programme in Ceramics, Furniture and Jewellery degree show.

New projects beckon and with each new collection Noor Fares continues to champion modern fine jewellery, through her own unique aesthetic and philosophy.